Recruiting Ph.D. Students

Language learning has never been easier due to the accessibility of resources available online. The ways in which technology are used range from ubiquitous interaction to integration into curriculum development and policymaking. Investigation of how and why new technologies can provide special niches for language development underlines the main area of study for qualified candidates.

Professor Dongping Zheng is seeking applicants who are interested in conducting research from ecological, dialogical, and distributed perspectives. The successful candidate will have a strong background and efficacy with technology use and design, and interests in one or more of the following areas:

a) affordances of new technologies for rethinking second language acquisition;
b) language as social coordination in online learning environments, e.g., virtual worlds and massively multi-player online games;
c) comparison of ecological niches between online and face-to-face environments;
d) multimodality and new media literacies for L2 development.
e) both quantitative and qualitative inquires on the aforementioned areas

Please contact Professor Zheng ( with inquiries. See Department of Second Language Studies at University of Hawaii Graduate Admissions for details.


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